10 Things About Pat

10. I started DJing professionally when I was 18 years old.
9. First album I bought: Cheap Trick's "Dream Police" 
8. I played  Weird Al Yankovich's "Eat It" (parody of Michael Jackson's "Beat It") at my own wedding during the cake cutting!
7. I'm a dog person. My current furbabies are a yellow Lab and a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix.
6. When I have spare time, I like to work on old muscle cars.
5. I have a bachelors degree in Film/Television with a minor in Business.
4. I had the honor of being nominated for five Emmy awards during my career in television news where I worked as a promotional editor & videographer.
3. If I had to choose, 80's music is my favorite genre, especially Depeche Mode and New Order.
2. I spun vinyl at Johnny Loves, a dance club in San Francisco in my 20's.
1. I have a son who's a mini-me (see photo). He's super energetic and loves video games & music and wants to be a DJ just like his dad.